11th March 2013
Hemel Hempstead, UK

World's Smallest & Lightest HD Satellite News Gathering Solution

Vislink International, the global provider of broadcast communications technologies, has today announced the immediate availability of the broadcast specification Vislink Mantis MSAT, the world's smallest and lightest satellite data terminal for high-performance high-definition satellite news gathering.

Set to revolutionise satellite news gathering, the Mantis MSAT is the very first one-man portable satellite terminal that is capable of delivering high-definition video broadcast signals from anywhere in the world. Operational on both KA and KU bands, the Mantis MSAT can be unpacked and working within five minutes, providing up to a HD video capable 8Mbps of upstream data throughput subject to satellite performance.

An upgrade from the standard broadcast specification MSAT, the Mantis features a 90cm antenna and weighs in at just 14kg. However, the Mantis MSAT is a deceptively rugged terminal that is suitable for extreme environmental conditions. Deployed from a single lightweight backpack, the MSAT offers full support for two-way video, voice and data communications and can be carried and deployed by just one person for satellite news gathering in challenging environments.

Stephen Rudd, Chief Executive of Vislink International, said, "The Mantis MSAT is the first satellite news gathering data terminal specifically created for the broadcast market that can not only deliver a live HD feed but is portable and light enough to be transported by one person. This is especially crucial for first on scene reporting in remote or hard to reach locations which a news van would have difficulty accessing."

Vislink developed the broadcast specification Mantis MSAT to address demand from broadcasters around the world that require a highly portable solution capable of delivering high definition video, voice and data communications.

To ensure all-weather capability, MSAT meets the MIL 810F & DEF-STAN military specifications for shock, vibration, sand and rain and is provided as a 'one box' solution incorporating antenna, modem and all electronics. A high performance parabolic antenna is coupled; meeting customer requirements, with interchangeable modem and encoder options.