VISLINK Launches The Next Phase Of IP Diversity Networks

New HDR-5000 receiver provides seamless video coverage.

Vislink introduces the next generation in video collection solutions, Video Over IP Diversity, with the launch of the HDR-5000. The New HDR-5000 six-input digital diversity receiver meets the unique challenges of broadcasters and public safety officials worldwide. Live video, audio and data reception in highly demanding environments requires the next generation airborne video downlink technology. The benefits of IP Video Diversity is the ability to provide dynamic and seamlessly switchable IP connectivity between multiple fixed strategic receive sites. This solution presents the end user with an uninterrupted video connection, as it autonomously selects the best IP stream available, while the aircraft or other asset maneuvers throughout the coverage area. The technology is able to leverage a customer's existing IP network infrastructure to effectively provide for greater coverage.

What does Vislink IP Diversity provide?

  • Seamless wide area, or urban high-rise coverage, without concern for geography or flight altitudes
  • Uninterrupted video connectivity, as the system autonomously selects the best video stream, providing the user with uninterrupted real-time video
  • Supports simultaneous operation by multiple aircraft
  • Delivers a reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective video downlink solution

The HDR-5000 has been optimized to support remote receiver applications where an otherwise fiber or wireless point-to-point backhaul system, is not practical. The HDR-5000 supports video streaming over IP utilizing either UDP or RTP. When configured for RTP, the HDR-5000 allows for the addition of FEC encoding as defined by SMPTE 2022 standards.

The HDR-5000's maximal ratio diversity combiner provides the greatest effective range of distance while supporting the clearest video quality under variable operating conditions. The de-facto standard six antenna diversity system is the most effective way to ensure consistent signal clarity and system sensitivity. The 5000's small footprint (3 1/2 inches/2 RU height) makes for a convenient and simple installation. As a key element in Vislink's software defined product platforms, the HDR-5000 allows in-field feature upgrades without requiring hardware changes, in most cases. Setup and configuration is accomplished via web browser based GUI.

Whether covering large geographic areas or condensed high-rise urban environments, Vislink IP Video Diversity removes the complexity from traditional downlink reception technology. Furthermore, by deploying several sites within a specific region, at both high and low level fixed locations, several airborne assets can be flown simultaneously providing seamless reception and dual video content viewing. Achieving seamless video connectivity, from the scene to the screen, is now more user-friendly and cost-effective than ever before with Vislink IP Diversity.

See the New HDR-5000 and a dynamic IP Diversity Video presentation at NAB2014 in Booth C6008.

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