VISLINK Optimizes LiveGear For Cellular LTE Networks

New product enhancements provide increased performance.

Vislink today announced the optimization of the LiveGear portfolio of products enabling increased performance for cellular transmission.

The New Optimized AirStream LTE, Portable Video Transmitter, delivers increased connectivity and reduced interference with its state of the art antenna design. The new ruggedized antennas were specifically designed to reduce the interference while increasing the signal strength resulting in up to 50% improved performance. This new specialized configuration enhances the cellular bonding of the six modems by improving persistence and maximizing reliability in diverse environments. Data rates for each modem channel are continuously adapted to meet real-time network transfer rate and progressive FEC (Forward Error Correction) ensures that no packets are lost. An additional modem provides WiFi connectivity for a laptop or other edge devices.

Network management, asset monitoring and control is now enhanced through Vislink Aperture. The Vislink Aperture Video Wall provides video content distribution via the LiveGear Receiver, LGR-1000. Any multi-mode LiveGear Transmitter, such as NewStream, AirStream or AirCam, can be controlled and configured utilizing Aperture. All operational settings can be adjusted remotely through the Aperture GUI. This even includes configurable settings for switching transmission modes, for example from microwave to satellite for NewStream, from microwave to cellular for AirCam or from cellular to WiFi for AirStream. To reassign video streams or transmitter sources is as easy as point and click.

Delivering versatility to customers' current and future workflows is the LGR-1000, LiveGear Receiver. Video transmissions can be received from any manufacturers IP transport stream, as well as separate LGR-1000 and of course any LiveGear transmitter. Workflow expansion is simplified due to the IP centric nature of this platform because vendor agnostic peripheral devices can be added to the network, both now and in the future. Stream outputs can be adjusted in accordance with the customer's preferred method, whether it be UDP/RTMP or a direct live stream.

LiveGear solutions provide live professional quality video anywhere, at any time. The LiveGear portfolio of products were designed to meet the increasing needs of video professionals on the move or on location. See a demonstration of the LTE Optimized AirStream and the entire suite of LiveGear products at NAB2014 in Booth C6008.

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