IMT’s Stellar Service and Rapid Turnaround Helps a Long-Time Client Capture His Shots

TeleMovil del Caribe is a long-time client of IMT in Puerto Rico. They have been using IMT equipment in the field for a number of years and have always counted on the reliability and dependability the gear has delivered. Recently, they also got a chance to see IMT’s top-notch customer service at work.

TeleMovil needed to send some legacy IMT equipment they were still using back for repair. The catch: they required an exceptionally tight turnaround to allow TeleMovil to capture video of Puerto Rico’s governor during the celebration of The Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos), one the most important holidays in Puerto Rico and throughout the Latin world.

Jose (“Pepe”) Rodriguez, CEO of Telemovil del Caribe, reached out to IMT’s Technical Service department for assistance. Henry Tretiak, IMT Customer Technical Service Engineer took up the challenge and processed a quick return on the repair order, and then oversaw the logistics needed to get the equipment back to Puerto Rico in the timeliest way.

The result: as the images below show, TeleMovil got their IMT equipment back and up and running in time to get the key shots they were after.

Pepe Rodriguez was impressed with the assistance IMT provided. He remarked, “We appreciate that IMT was there for us to deliver outstanding service when we needed it. The equipment worked great and was solid as a rock.”

John Payne IV, president of IMT, said, “We are pleased we were able to take care of a good customer like TeleMovil when they needed it most. It is not customary that we receive Channel Masters back for service but when we do we strive to get our customer back on line quickly. We believe it’s one of the things that sets IMT apart.”

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