LAS VEGAS, APRIL 18, 2017 – xG® Technology, Inc. (“xG”) (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW) a leading provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, announced that its Integrated Microwave Technologies (“IMT”) business will introduce the Nulinx-IP Compact, a self-contained point-to-point, bi-directional microwave link, at the IMT/Vislink booth at NAB 2017 (Booth C8008).


The Nulinx-IP Compact supports current ATSC IP transport standards and is a highly mobile version of IMT’s Nulinx-IP Flex. This powerful microwave radio is available as an easy-to-install package that brings the high reliability and scalability of carrier-grade microwave to broadcasters.

“The Nulinx-IP Compact continues IMT’s tradition of incorporating future-proof technologies into their products,” says George Schmitt, Executive Chairman and CEO of xG Technology. “NAB 2017 is the perfect venue to unveil this highly customer-focused solution.”

“With the FCC Broadcast Spectrum Repack currently underway, IMT looks forward to providing the Nulinx-IP Compact to our customers for added efficiency,” says John Payne IV, president of IMT USA. “This new ATSC 3.0-supported technology underscores our dedication to assisting broadcasters with their transition path from ASI to IP video transport.”

Available as an all-indoor or split system on any licensed or unlicensed band from 5.8 through 42 GHz, IMT’s Nulinx-IP Compact has the flexibility and expandability to grow with the user’s needs. The Nulinx-IP Compact supports data rates as high as 600 Mbps in a 30 MHz Part 101 channel using a single set of antennas, and as high as 1200 Mbps using MIMO technology. It operates with as little as 75 MHz transmit/receive frequency spacing and can use traditional Part 74 (BAS) and Part 101 (Fixed Microwave Service) microwave channels.

Nulinx-IP Compact consists of a rugged outdoor unit and a power over Ethernet (PoE) injector. Legacy ASI traffic is supported through a special transparent ASI to IP multiplexer that does not require PID remapping, transporting up to four ASI streams in each direction.

As auxiliary spectrum becomes increasingly scarce, making maximum use of available channel space is essential. The Nulinx-IP Compact offers adaptive modulation constellations up to 2048 QAM, allowing for more bits to move in the same amount of spectrum. For additional efficiency, adaptive modulation nearly eliminates outages when atmospheric conditions, such as heavy rain, do not support the highest data rates. Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) controls ensure that essential program traffic continues to flow. Header de-duplication and other built-in data compression techniques also offer greater throughput in the same spectrum space.

In addition to providing radio hardware, IMT provides full system design and planning, and offers installation and commissioning services. As broadcasters move from ASI- to IP-based video transport, IMT helps to support today’s hybrid network requirements and provides a simple transition path for microwave modernization.

To request a demo of the Nulinx-IP Compact and learn more about IMT’s cost-effective and high-capacity solutions for all backhaul and STL modernization challenges, visit IMT and Vislink at NAB 2017 (Booth C8008).


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