New Satellite Data Solution Connects Multiple Reporters and Producers Across Continents

SARASOTA, MAY 2, 2017 – xG® Technology, Inc. (“xG”) (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), a leading provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, announced that its Vislink and IMT businesses introduced the SatWare remote reporting computing platform to the North American market at NAB 2017 last week. Vislink and IMT exhibited jointly at the event.

“SatWare supports the ever-increasing demand for real-time, worldwide content,” says George Schmitt, Executive Chairman and CEO of xG Technology. “It provides broadcasters with an infrastructure that can deliver high quality video from different corners of the globe. With the addition of SatWare, as well as other Vislink product lines, to IMT’s solution portfolio, the broadcast industry’s most comprehensive range of wireless video capture, transmit and receive systems are now together under one roof.”

SatWare is a high-performance embedded computing and routing system designed to provide enhanced capability and simplified use of broadcast equipment in the field, extending studio workflows and IP communications across continents to portable terminals. SatWare makes efficient use of satellite bandwidth for users, allowing file-based workflows, data, and voice communications to be easily accessed by remote reporters over a Wi-Fi connection to a Vislink satellite terminal of their choice. The platform provides direct access to the local network for smartphones, tablets and laptops without the need for any client network configuration. A system navigation/landing page provides quick access to the devices on the network.

“By using SatWare, a studio in London, a reporter in Boston and another reporter in Mumbai have the ability to talk, share files and use studio workflow as if they are physically together. SatWare truly makes the broadcast world more interconnected,” says John Payne IV, president of IMT USA, “and there was keen interest in this and our other SATCOM solutions at NAB.”

Powered by XipLinkTM, a company that specializes in WAN optimization of dynamic wireless links, SatWare can provide up to 4 Mbit/s of optimized bandwidth using SCPS – TP (Space Communications Protocol Specification) and streaming compression, in addition to the DVB-S2 video feed.  For instance, a text file can be compressed by over fifty percent in real time, effectively doubling the channel capacity. For file types that are already compressed, the optimization algorithm will efficiently fill the bandwidth to make best use of the channel. This is the first time that SCPS-TP has been integrated into a Vislink Mantis MSAT man-portable satellite terminal, extending the studio network out to truly remote locations.

SatWare works with the full range of Vislink SATCOM solutions, such as the NewSwift and Mantis systems. The platform can be either physically integrated into a standard Vislink ½ width 1U rack chassis unit or into the body of a MSAT. The latter option makes this the lightest and smallest solution in the market. There is no need to take up extra rack space or demand more power to access IP data services.


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