System Provides Secure, Interoperable Solution for Transmitting High-Quality Video from Aircraft to Ground-Based Law Enforcement Operations

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, JUNE 22, 2017 – xG® Technology, Inc. (“xG”) (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), a leading provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, announced that its IMT Vislink business has received an order with an approximate value of $100,000 from a prominent state police organization located in the Mid-Atlantic region (the Agency) for an Airborne Video Downlink System (AVDS). The order, is the most recent in a number of opportunities closed by IMT Vislink around the country for such systems.

The IMT Vislink AVDS will provide aerial support for police ground units on matters relating to public and officer safety, including tactical responses to critical incidents, assistance in disaster response, search and rescue operations and surveillance functions.

The IMT Vislink system will serve as a replacement for a legacy system that suffered from limited range, unreliability and poor video resolution. By contrast, IMT Vislink’s equipment enables the transmission of HD real-time footage captured from airborne assets to multiple receive sites, allowing the sharing of crystal-clear images and providing ground-based units with live pictures of exactly what is happening on the ground. A key feature of the IMT Vislink solution is interoperability with the systems of police forces in neighboring territories, which enhances joint policing operations.

“This new client order is our latest engagement with federal, state and local law enforcement entities across the country seeking to leverage video intelligence captured from their aerial assets,” says John Payne IV, President of IMT USA. “The IMT Vislink AVDS extends the efficacy of tactical operations by tightening integration with police airborne units. The heightened level of situational awareness our systems deliver mean faster and more accurate decision making on the ground. We look forward to working with this client to maximize their use of the system.”

A fully deployed IMT Vislink AVDS solution encompasses an integrated suite of components that includes the following equipment:

  • Lightweight, full-featured HD video downlink transmitters installed with access controllers in the aerial units;
  • Antenna systems strategically located around the desired coverage area;
  • IP diversity aggregators that provide seamless switching and support both central receive and portable applications;
  • Portable and handheld viewing devices for use on command vehicles
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