IMT MicroLite 2 and IMTDragonFly Web GUI Gives You Complete Control

The IMT MicroLite 2 and IMTDragonFly HD video transmitters are renowned for delivering high-end performance and features—perfect for the most demanding ENG, sports and entertainment applications. But did you know they are also extremely easy to set up and use?

Both the IMT MicroLite 2 and IMTDragonFly can be configured or remotely controlled using the built-in Wi-Fi webserver. An Android or iOS device will see the transmitter and automatically open the control browser. The easy to use web page provides extensive information and the ability to control a variety of settings.

Check out the video below to see the web GUI in action:

IMT Vislink will have the MicroLite 2 and DragonFly on display at NAB. Click the banner below to find out more.


Contact IMT Vislink sales to get additional information about the IMT MicroLite 2 and IMTDragonFly.

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