MicroLite 2: 14 Great Features = 14 Reasons Why It’s The Leading Wireless Transmitter

IMT Vislink’s MicroLite 2 is rapidly gaining a reputation as the HD video transmitter that expertly combines professional-grade performance, exceptional functionality, and ease of setup and use.

When designing the MicroLite 2, we asked our engineers to build in as many great features as a videographer could possibly want—and we think they’re outdone themselves in the final product. We took a look at its top attributes, and the following are 14 impressive ones that stand out:

Rugged design – The MicroLite 2 transmitter is constructed from solid aluminum with reinforced connectors.

Lower latency – Latency levels have been reduced by more than 50%, to less than 70ms. At this level, pulling focus and lipsync is unnoticeable.

Covers four bands in one package – 2G licensed, 5G UNI I, II and III.

DFS – Dynamic Frequency Selection – When using the UNI I, II and III bands, the frequency with the best reliability is automatically selected.

Improved video quality – MicroLite 2 delivers the pristine image clarity required for real-time, H.264 (MPEG-4) HD broadcast-quality video transmissions.

HDMI inputs – in addition to HD/SD-SDI.

Battery plate – The MicroLite 2 has an integrated battery plate that supports batteries from small format cameras seamlessly.

WiFi web page controls – All advanced configuration can be done directly through your smartphone.

Onboard smart user interface – The MicroLite 2 has a built-in LED display for basic configuration.

AB/V-Lock adapter – A field adapter is available to adapt the MicroLite 2 to Anton Bauer or V-lock battery mounts.

Smaller size – The Microlite 2 is the smallest camera back COFDM transmitter on the market.

Higher RF power – The RF output power has been doubled, extending range and improving reliability even more.

Lower DC power required – The power efficiency of the MicroLite 2 TX has been improved by over 50%.

Return channel – Future software releases will enable a return channel supporting IFB and camera control.

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