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Looking after your mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Infectious disease outbreaks, like the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be scary and can affect our mental health. It is important to stay informed but in addition we must manage our well-being during such times.  Our blog offers some tips we hope will help you, your friends and family to look after your mental health during this unprecedented time, where potential threats to our mental and physical health are more prevalent.


Outside of work hours, establish a daily routine that prioritises looking after YOU. Regular exercise, relaxation techniques, reading or watching a movie can be beneficial.  Use technology that is at our fingertips (internet) to learn something new.  Lock down is an unusual experience; it may have its benefits!

Connect with people…

Socially interact with others regularly on social media, e-mail or on the phone, as they are alternative ways of being close to the people who matter to you.  During times of stress, we work better in company and with support so maintaining human interaction can reduce anxiety levels.  If you are introverted or live alone, think about other things you can do to connect with people; for example, place extra pictures around your home of the people you care about or listen to a talk radio station or podcast if your home feels too quiet.

Control the things you can…

You may like to focus on the things you do have control over:

Eat healthily             Ensuring you eat a balanced diet is essential.

Take time out            This is essential for your mental health; it is okay to prioritise self-care.

Get restful sleep

Exercise                     Our physical and mental health are undeniably linked, so it’s important to stay active, even if you don’t feel like it!

Stimulate your mind…

It is important to keep your mind challenged and occupied. Ensure that you set aside time to read, do puzzles, watch films or listen to podcasts. This is an ideal opportunity to educate yourself there are ample online learning platforms that are free of charge, just google ‘free online learning’ from wherever you are in the world.

Focus on the facts…

Stay connected with current events but be mindful where you get information from, make sure that new health information is gained from a reputable, reliable source.  Think about switching off or limiting what you look at for a while if news stories make you feel anxious or confused.



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