Going the Distance for the London Marathon

More than 38,000 participants crossed the starting line of the 2015 London Marathon, the largest crowd in the event's 35-year history. The gruelling 26.2 mile race from Blackheath to The Mall, brings together athletes of all types, all sharing a single goal: to cross the finish line.

Broadcast RF relies on Vislink equipment for live race coverage


Providing seamless coverage of a long distance event, such as a marathon, presents many challenges – including transmitting from the entire length of the course, gaps in coverage due to obstructions such as bridges and overhanging trees, and ensuring high-quality video from all assets.

Chris Brandrick, Sales Director, Broadcast RF explains, “We are only as good as our last job – in this industry, it’s all about performance. You have to deliver at a very high standard or you won’t be asked back. Broadcasters rely on us to use the most efficient RF equipment to get the pictures back to the OB, and Vislink provides us this, whether it’s a concert, rugby game, golf event, or the London Marathon.”

In order to provide RF coverage of the long distance event, Broadcast RF utilised multiple ground and aerial assets to capture live video, including five motorcycles, two helicopters, one airplane and a main OB control site.  Broadcast RF also used Vislink RF camera equipment at the six OB locations around the London Marathon course.  With so much at stake, it was extremely important for all members of the crew to use reliable, compatible equipment across all OBs on the London Marathon.

In 2015, the five motorcycles deployed along the route each had a rider, cameraman, and two cases, one consisting of the Vislink L1700 wireless transmitter, power amplifier and GPS tracking system, and a second featuring a custom-built onboard battery-power supply system.

Due to its exceptional planning and use of robust, advanced Vislink equipment, Broadcast RF was able to provide continuous live coverage of the entire marathon course.

The project was a success, and as a result, Broadcast RF will be working with Vislink equipment to cover the event once again in 2016.

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