Rock legend Brian May connects directly with fans

When Brian May, world renowned rock guitarist with Queen and lifelong technology enthusiast, wanted to take video selfies to a new level, HEROCast from Vislink provided the ideal solution.

All the world's on stage

The 2016 Queen & Adam Lambert European Tour features a highly exciting moment for fans, when Brian produces a “video selfie stick” and films himself with the crowd behind. The live images are shown on the big screen in real time as Brian engages with the audience. Whether lights are on with fans waving and shouting, or in the dark with smart phone torches shining, the impact is immediate and has become a highlight of the shows.

As Steve Price, Video Director for the tour, explains:

“We have taken video selfies before, which we have loaded on YouTube for fans to look at later, but this is the first time we have broadcast them live at the event. Watching the crowd erupt as they see themselves becoming part of the show is fantastic. The idea was driven by Brian and this new style video selfie is great fun, it gives the band a real human connection with the audience. They love the effect and it really does look good.

Who knows what other applications the creative people will dream up, but big rock concerts and festivals are obvious places to use this, showing everyone having a good time and sharing their magical moments – it’s using technology in a very human way.”

The solution included the Vislink HEROCast BacPac (HEROCast micro transmitter integrated with a GoPro HERO camera), mounted on Brian’s ’selfie stick’. With transmission to a Vislink PROCeiver with dual fanbeam antennas ,then switched to the big screen via the mixing desk.

Vislink’s world-class team of engineers were also available to help support the production team integrate the video selfie moments with their production suite.

This is a classic example of the solution transforming the viewing experience and, in this case, allowing the audience to actually take part. The experience is transmitted and shown in high definition with low delay enabling immediate crowd participation.

By the end of the tour, the video selfies will have featured many tens of thousands of excited fans across 15 countries, who will all be able to say they were there as part of the show.

A longer version of this article is available with further technical details of how this fan-engaging initiative was done. Click the button below to find out more

HEROCast and the Rock legend – the full story

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Rock legend Brian May connects directly with fans
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