Vislink is a ‘slam dunk’ for ultimate fan engagement at Ole Miss

The Ole Miss Rebel basketball programs compete in the very prestigious Southeastern Conference (SEC) as a NCAA Division 1 member. The intense competition on the court extends into the venue at-large, and Vislink was critical in elevating the experience for the Ole Miss fans this past season.

Fan Cam

As Seth Tanner, Producer/Director of in-venue productions at Ole Miss explains: “The Ole Miss Rebels have avid and passionate fans that like to get truly immersed in the game. We run a total of 140 live sports events at Ole Miss every year, and the basketball games are always popular. My goal is to provide fans with the best in-venue experience every time. We want them to feel part of the action, and capturing engaging video content is key to making that happen.”

In 2016 Ole Miss opened its brand new $96 million basketball venue, The Pavilion at Ole Miss, a state-of-the-art facility that features the largest centre-hung video board in NCAA basketball. Tanner and his team took the opportunity to put video content creation into the hands of the fans.

Tanner came across Vislink’s technology and immediately saw the potential of transmitting live, high quality video from literally anywhere, without wires. He knew it would be the perfect fit for bringing Ole Miss basketball fans even closer to the action.

“After a couple of demos, it soon became clear just how intuitive the Vislink system was. It is easy to use and I was really impressed with the customer service from Vislink,” says Tanner. “They helped me get to grips with the system, and come up with some great ideas too.”

To provide engaging content to entertain fans during breaks in play, Ole Miss is using two shoulder-mounted cameras with L1700 transmitters and a GoPro HEROCast on a selfie stick. Live high quality video from the HEROCast and shoulder mount cameras is received via Vislink’s ProCeiver and L2174 receivers, then broadcast live to the centre-hung video board in The Pavilion.

Since implementing Vislink, Ole Miss has seen its overall atmosphere scores from fan surveys sky rocket. The shoulder mounts allow Tanner and his team to walk around the stadium with no wires, shooting footage and catching crowd reactions as they happen, while the GoPro HEROCast selfie stick is passed around the crowds, ‘fan cam’ style.

“Everyone loves getting their hands on the GoPro HEROCast. It has proved so popular, that fans actively seek it out during a game. They want to use it with their friends, see themselves on the big screen and show their support for the Ole Miss Rebels,” explains Tanner.

Because of the compact, lightweight nature of the Vislink equipment, the system can be easily redeployed across Ole Miss’ multiple sports facilities. In fact, Tanner and his team are already working on plans to use Vislink at football, baseball and volleyball matches.

“There’s no doubt about it, Vislink’s wireless broadcast solutions have raised the bar for fan engagement at our sporting events. We’re confident that we have one of the best in-venue shows in college basketball. Our fans now feel they are truly part of the show, and there are no limits to what we can achieve with Vislink. We can’t wait to try out our endless ideas,” enthuses Tanner.

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