IMT Vislink’s Jeff Daubert Interviewed by Sports Video Group on the Evolution and Future of the Sports Industry
January 8, 2019

IMT Vislink’s wireless camera transmitters give sports broadcasters the ability to provide viewers with an immersive experience and bring fans closer to the action, even at the most demanding sports events. SVG, the Sports Video Group —the preeminent association serving sports television professionals — recently sat down with Jeff Daubert, IMT Vislink Sports and Entertainment Sales Manager. They discussed Jeff’s 20+ years of expertise in the sports industry in both professional sales and field engineering. Jeff also shared his thoughts on where he sees the industry — and IMT Vislink’s place in it — is headed in the future.

Jeff mentioned that IMT Vislink’s video technology has been used for decades to cover high-profile international sporting events, including the World Cup, London Marathon, Le Mans, Americas Sailing Cup, Volvo Ocean Boat Race, as well as the MotoGP motorcycle-racing circuit. The company is now experiencing the same success in the domestic market. “Since I’ve been with the company, I’ve seen IMT Vislink accelerate our position as a leader in the U.S., where we have configured and delivered more integrated camera solutions for the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, College Division Sports, MotoAmerica and major entertainment events than any other provider,” he said.

When it comes to the key trends in sports and entertainment broadcasting, Jeff stated that today’s video platforms are evolving at a rate that has never been seen before. “Audiences want to do more than just watch events,” he said. “They want to experience them and be as close to the unfolding action as possible.”

He continued, “We call this ‘immersive viewing’, and it is an important growth driver in our markets. For broadcasters and content providers to be able to deliver this experience, on demand and as it happens, they need and will continue to need the best wireless production equipment to collect and produce their content.”

From HDR-ready ultra-low delay HCAM 4K systems, to professional-grade MicroLite 2 mid-market solutions and IMTDragonFly ultra-miniature transmitters, this is exactly what IMT Vislink has engineered its product range to deliver.

According to Jeff, IMT Vislink is closely monitoring exciting new markets where its live video technology can play an important enabling role.

“Esports production is one area we see potential for enormous potential,” he said. “The growth in extreme sports is also exciting for us, because of our long experience in delivering systems for challenging environments and conditions. We’re also keeping an eye on new outlets and platforms for sports-content delivery, some of them AI-driven. If the transmission of live video is involved, we can craft a solution for it.”

As far as the future, Jeff reaffirmed IMT Vislink’s commitment to maintaining its leadership as innovators in live video communications, so that “we can keep delivering the products and services the industry and the audiences demand.”

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The original SVG interview with Jeff Daubert can be read at this link.