Satellite mesh modem

Product Features

  • Compact lightweight MESH network modem
  • Capable of star, multi star, hybrid or full mesh network
  • BPSK-16APSK (24 MODCODs) for TDMA
  • TDMA mod/demod up to 12Msps/20Mbps

Satellite MESH Modem

The ADM5100 SKYWAN 5G is a collaboration between Vislink and ND SatCom. Ideal for use with a range of Vislink SATCOM systems, it is a MF-TDMA modem with unique ONE hardware concept. No matter if you request a star, multi star, hybrid or full mesh network, the unique hardware design of SKYWAN 5G reliably fits all existing topologies within the VSAT world. Each unit can act either as a HUB or so called Master Station, therefore adding agility in terms of its network role.