Specialist transmitter for onboard applications

Product Features

  • Four HD SDI video inputs, from external cameras, with an internal remotely controlled video matrix, suitable for live switching
  • Interfaces directly to Vislink HD camera with full remote colorimetery control
  • Two Audio Channels, with 1 built in microphone, pre-conditioned by compression and limiting for use in high sound pressure levels
  • Superb broadcast quality H.264 encoding
  • 500mW TX power
  • Modulation ISDB-T with time interleaving for improved RF ruggedness
  • Camera power management, for efficient operation from car power or battery
  • Agile UHF data RX for remote control
  • Compatible with ISDB-T receivers from briefcase receivers to multiple channel MDR based systems
  • Comprehensive software for complete system control, monitoring and organisation

HD Onboard Transmitter

The Vislink CFU4 is a specialised transmitter for onboard applications built to withstand very high levels of vibration. In addition to transmitting SD/HD video and audio, a User Data channel is provided for onboard sensors such as speed and position. A built-in narrow band UHF data receiver is fitted for remote control of the unit and other onboard units such as cameras and pan/tilt heads.

The unit is specially designed and built to withstand very high levels of vibration from a range of vehicles.