EX200 Wireless Camera

3-axis, gyro-stabilized camera solution, with integrated power.

Product Features

  • 3-Axis Gyro Stabilized (pan/tilt/roll)
  • Compact, lightweight and hermetically Sealed Waterproof (IP68) design
  • Wireless video and control at over 2 km
  • Smooth pan, tilt and lens control
  • Integral BPU30 batteries
  • Latest high-quality Sony sensor
  • Gimbal Controller and separate camera RCP
  • IMT Vislink COFDM video transmission

Wireless Remote Stabilized Camera

The EX200 camera solution uses a 3-axis, gyro-stabilized camera with integrated power to provide smooth images and the precise camera control essential for broadcast applications.

Using proven IMT Vislink high-quality, low-latency, wireless LMS-T and DVB-T capability. The EX200 offers full remote camera control, with up to 2 km line-of-site range, and flexible mounting options to provide a rugged all-in-one solution.

This compact head takes the latest sensor and stabilization technology to produce the most versatile product in its class.

Utilizing the self-powered wireless EX200 camera provides you with the capability to give your audience unique, high quality, in-motion images from a device that is deployable in any environment.