Wide area network receiver

Product Features

  • Wide Area Seamless Coverage
  • Automates Downlink Switching Process
  • Delivers Uninterrupted, Real Time Video from the Aircraft
  • Leverages Customer’s Existing IP Network Infrastructure

Wide Area Network Receiver

Many surveillance missions require video collection and transmission from air support over a vast geographic region, such as high altitude surveillance, low-level tactical operations and long range search and rescue missions. In the past, receiving a single continuous stream of video was extremely difficult, as the process of acquiring signals and switching to find the best signal was performed manually by several operators. Vislink’s customized Wide Area Network Solution removes the complexity from this process by automating the receive and switching process to ensure an uninterrupted, real time high quality video from the aircraft to field personnel who need it most. It is the ideal choice for receiving surveillance video in command vans, tactical communications vehicles, remote and central command sites for law enforcement, public safety, homeland security, and defense applications.