Lightest and smallest COFDM HD micro transmitter in the market, connects to GoPro camera

Product Features

  • Lightest and smallest COFDM HD micro transmitter in the market
  • Connected to a GoPro Camera via secure HDMI cable
  • H.264 encoding
  • Low delay and low power consumption typically 4.1W
  • Rugged design to operate in harsh environments
  • Supports DVB-T and Vislink's LMS-T modulation

Compact Wireless Transmitter

The Vislink HEROCast is a transmitter that transforms the viewing experience. Small enough to be worn or mounted in unusual and formerly inaccessible locations, HEROCast brings unprecedented new angles to audiences watching their favorite live sports and events. Some of the world’s most immersive and engaging video content can now be viewed live, as if you were taking part.  Used in combination with a GoPro HERO camera, HEROCast transmits live action in glorious high definition. The low delay allows broadcasters to seamlessly integrate unique camera angles into the broadcast – offering viewers a never-before seen perspective of the action.

The HEROCast comes in two flavours: HEROCast connects with a HERO camera by means of secured HDMI cable and offers maximum customisable mounting options; HEROCast BacPac mounts directly to the back of the HERO camera allowing the use of standard GoPro housings and mounting accessories. Both provide high quality live HD video and with the latest software release they support industry standard DVB-T and Vislink’s LMS-T modulation for maximum compatibility with Vislink and other vendors’ receivers.

Please note that the purchase of the HEROCast solution does not include acquisition of frequencies. Customers are responsible for the securing of transmission frequencies.

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