Small lightweight Down-Converter

Product Features

  • Optimized for use with DVB-T/LMS-T/SCM-Q COFDM reception
  • Very high dynamic range for weak signal reception
  • High gain mode allows longer cable runs
  • Protected antenna port
  • Full water and dust protection (IP65) for outdoor installations

Down Converter

The L3025 Down-Converter is a key component in Vislink wireless camera system solutions. Small and lightweight, using the L9972 bracket, it is capable of being mounted almost anywhere. A full range of frequencies are available from 1.4 – 8.1GHz.

The L3025 series Down-Converters are performance‑optimized for the Vislink UltraReceiver and L2174 wireless camera demodulators and decoders, and Vislink Antennas. However, the Down-Converters are also suitable for third‑party systems.