Mini DirectVu

The RFCentral Mini DirectVU (MDVU) is a COFDM (DVB-T compliant) diversity handheld receiver with integrated display.

Product Features

  • 5" high brightness touch LCD
  • Dual input maximal ratio combining diversity receiver
  • MPEG4 (H.264)/MPEG2 high profile auto detect decoding
  • Kickstand for table top display
  • Integrated and external battery
  • Video, Audio, Data & telemetry
  • HDMI output

Handheld Video Assist COFDM Diversity Receiver

Designed to provide the ultimate portability handheld wireless displays, the Mini DirectVu offers exceptional RF performance and durability, true ease of operation, and top-notch video quality delivered with H.264 and MPEG-2 decoding.

The MDVU is a compact, lightweight, battery-powered unit that is ruggedized to provide maximum portability. The unit displays COFDM video transmissions using a bright, daylight-visible, high- resolution LCD display. The display features an intuitive touch user interface, which simplifies setup and operation.

The MDVU can also be with configured with additional capabilities that take it far beyond standard COFDM handheld receivers. Optional features include DVR record and playback functionality using standard playback controls, and a built-in RTSP sever that enables video streaming over Ethernet for remote software or hardware decoders. This allows multiple remote viewers to monitor the same video simultaneously. The SCAN function allows the Mini DirectVU to find and lock automatically to the incoming transmission quickly. An HDMI output enables the user to view the incoming video on an large external monitor.