MRX4000 Plus

The MRX4000 Plus is an advanced, full featured digital and analog Central Receiver that offers all features of the original MRX4000 Decoder – Demodulator, with the addition of new, high performance, RF and IF subsystems that can maintain ENG link integrity in the most demanding situations. The MRX4000 Plus is the ultimate choice for new ENG receive locations, and the perfect solution for upgrading existing sites with advanced digital capabilities.

Product Features

  • Seamlessly integrated Digital and Analog Central Receiver in a 1RU shelf
  • Full remote control via Ethernet or Serial interfaces to simplify remote management and troubleshooting
  • Very high dynamic range that exceeds the tough demands of digital broadcasting
  • Digital and Digital/Analog configurations available for all major broadcast applications
  • SD and HD ready platform
  • Works seamlessly with MRC’s ENG and IP solutions

High Dynamic Range ENG Central Receiver Demodulator & Decoder

The MRX4000 Plus meets both the current and the new 2 GHz BAS channel plans, and can integrate with most antenna control systems. Channel bandwidth, video deviation, and analog or digital modes can be locally and remotely switched between legacy and new band plans. ENG signal metrics as well as receiver alarms and diagnostics are available through a serial data port, or an Ethernet interface. User programmable pre-sets may be accessed via the front panel, or through the remote interface.