2 or 4-way SD/HD diversity receiver unit

Product Features

  • The dual RF head unit, provides 2 way diversity reception using a single triax cable, (or 2 Dual RF heads provide 4 way reception).
  • Available for COFDM DVB-T or ISDB-T (with time interleaving)
  • Improved capacity for any given level of ruggedness through higher-order modulation (e.g. QPSK to 16QAM to 64QAM
  • Allows coverage from different zones of activity with seamless changeover
  • Video picture monitoring capability using sunlight readable front panel colour TFT display screen.

Diversity System

The Diversity system unit offers the convenience of triax remoting, and is the perfect addition to any Vislink digital wireless camera, central receive or helicopter downlink system. Using active signal Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) the unit accepts signals from up to four antenna combinations to significantly enhance the demodulated performance.