The PLTX Power Amplifier is a ruggedized package containing a Vislink DPA3 series high power amplifier with pre-distortion correction, integral mounting and full connectivity.

Product Features

  • 10W and 20W models
  • Weatherproof case with power, audio, video and data connections
  • Easy to hand transport, meeting airline guidelines

Power Amplifier

The PLTX has been designed to boost the power level from a Vislink wireless camera transmitter (L1700, ClipOn4 and HCAM) to achieve longer link distances and/or facilitate the use of higher modulation rates due to the increased threshold level and link budget margins.

Typical applications include terrestrial and marine video, motorcycle uplinks for long distance marathon events and impromptu mobile point-to-point video link systems.

The case provides an internal control panel to control the RF output (covers a 10dB range from min to max) and power. LED indicators report RF and power levels.