ProScan III

The ProScan III features a full 360 degree rotating reflector in a compact enclosure. The ProScan III offers significant wind load reduction over the ProScan II. For maintenance and calibration, a front access door provides easy access. Or, the front of the enclosure can be removed for added access space.

Product Features

  • Digital-ready for 2, 4.9, 7, and 13 GHz, standard
  • 1.4m cosecant squared reflector eliminates requirements for elevation travel in most applications
  • Quad polarizations (H,V, LCP, RCP)
  • Ruggedized rotating mechanism, dual speed rotator
  • 26 dB gain LNA (2GHz) with remote 24/12 dB gain reductions switching on LNA/Block Downconverter
  • 4.5-5.0, 6/7 GHz and 13 GHz Dual Block Downconverters, 7 GHz comes from standard with a 9.125 digital-ready option
  • 14.7-15.2 GHZ Dual Block Downconverter

Central Receive Antenna

The ProScan III’s broadband design covers 2/2.5, 4.5-5.0, 6/7, and 13 GHz bands with appropriate block down converters. A “digital ready option” is available for the 7GHz band.
The antenna provides a solid state switching feed and optical encoders to eliminate conventional potentiometers. The antenna features the latest PCS/MMDS filter protection with high dynamic range LNA and filter.

The ProScan III is design to integrate with the MRX4000Plus, L2174, HDR3000, MRC 2000 Antenna Controller, and the Master Control Software. With this configuration, the ProScan III provides real-time diagnostic troubleshooting to the master controller.