Complete portable microwave link system

Product Features

  • Easy Installation for Tripod, Airborne, or Vehicle
  • Weatherized, Lightweight Rugged Design
  • Cost Effective Modular Solutions
  • Multiple configuration types: Simplex, Half Duplex, Full Duplex, or Diplex Configurations
  • Front Panel or Remote Control

Portable Microwave Link System

The STRATA High Power Amplifier Unit (HPU) is ideally suited for portable microwave video applications using the STRATA transmitter system. The HPU consists of an RF amplifier housed in a rugged, lightweight aluminum housing.This amplifier provides a substantial power boost to your digital video transmission, which is used to increase system range. It is suitable for airborne or remote terrestrial applications. The HPU conveniently mounts into the standard STRATA mounting bracket system and is suitable for aircraft DC 24V power input.