Transportable Ground Station

High performance ground station for unmanned systems

Product Features

  • Includes Mission Management System, Command and Control Link, and Payload Video Link
  • Multiple Video Displays for Mission Management, GIS, Video Downlink
  • Integral Payload Control Joystick
  • Built-In Digital Video Recorder

High Performance Unmanned System

The Transportable Ground Station (TGS) brings a new level of flexibility, performance, and reliability to the unmanned systems ground station market. The TGS is designed to provide unmanned operators with the flexibility to operate from temporary locations with the features normally reserved for complicated fixed ground stations. The TGS supports high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) downlink video and integrates mission management, command control and real-time sensor imagery in a compact transportable package. Truly mobile and portable unmanned operations are practical using the TGS Series.