4K UHD wireless camera encoder module

Product Features

  • Capable of allowing 4K UHD live wireless video using existing RF infrastructure
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Utilises latest HEVC advanced encoding techniques
  • Can be used with the UltraDecoder to allow an end to end 4K UHD solution

4K UHD wireless camera encoder module

The UltraLite utilises state of the art HEVC encoding to make 4K UHD wireless live video a reality today. Being the world’s first, the UltraLite is a lightweight ‘module’ that can be attached to any existing wireless camera system enabling live transmission of Ultra High Definition video.

Being so lightweight, the UltraLite is attachable to any 4K UHD camera such as the Sony F55. Vislink will provide a custom made mounting solution for your camera type.

Along with Vislink’s UltraDecoder, the UltraLite provides a complete end to end live 4K UHD, easy to implement, cost effective wireless video solution.