UltraScan DR-II

The UltraScan is a ruggedized offset fed antenna enclosed in a low profile radome that minimizes space needs and wind loading. The UltraScan is available in single, dual and tri-band systems covering standard bands from 2 to 15 GHz.

Product Features

  • All solid state switching: no RF electro-mechanical switches
  • New, improved low noise amplifier and filter integrated into feed for PCS interference protection
  • New LNB design offers low noise figure, high dynamic range and third order intercept point
  • New, improved lower noise block downconverter (used with 7 & 13 GHz systems)
  • Low noise amplifier and filter integrated into feed
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Right circular, left circular, horizontal, and vertical polarization

2, 7, and 13 GHz Central Receive Antenna

Broadband design:
■ Wideband, 2/2.5 GHz
■ Optional dual band, 2/7 GHz
■ Optional tri-band 2/7/13 GHz

The UltraScan antenna uses modern solid-state MMICs to perform RF switching in the feed, thus eliminating all electro-mechanical RF switches. To provide optimal performance, the UltraScan feed assembly includes low noise amplifiers, solid state RF switches, RF band filter, and microstrip combiners and hybrids in an integrated RF assembly. LNA gain reduction is provided as a standard feature to reduce receiver overloading under strong signal conditions.

The dual-speed rotator is enclosed in a low-profile, aesthetically pleasing radome. It has been designed using proven technology for reliability. Lightning and surge suppression is provided within the unit. The rotator and enclosure are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, thus eliminating the possibility of corrosion.

The combination of a high dynamic range LNA and sharper filtering make the UltraScan a “bullet-proof” solution to the problem of PCS interference. The UltraScan can be ordered with a continuous rotation option, which includes slip rings and an RF rotary joint. Vislink also offers a range of modern, easy to use antenna control systems for the UltraScan antenna.