A new wireless communications solution designed specifically for Electronic News Gathering (ENG).

Taking your studio to the scene

Vislinknewsnet extends the studio network to the field.

  • Your studio has multiple cameras : newsnet has multiple feeds per truck and multiple trucks per sector
  • You edit finished content in the studio : newsnet provides full access to all studio resources while, in the field and a MAM accessible return path
  • You have controls like tally and voice circuits : newsnet provides vendor agnostic IP communications to the truck
  • Your creative staff can’t all be microwave experts : newsnet includes apps and intuitive interfaces to guide setup

Ensure the right content gets priority, by using an uncontested, bi-directional IP connection over your existing BAS channel, with feedback from studio automation. Newsnet provides you with the confidence and dependability required for an increasingly competitive news industry. Placing control of field communications firmly back in your hands, newsnet takes your studio to the scene, transforming the effectiveness of ENG operations.

NewsNet Diagram WEB


Capability where you want it

  • Bi-directional high-speed IP wireless data link utilizing your BAS spectrum that you can rely on, without fear of contention, congestion or blocking
  • Low latency, high bandwidth connections ensuring high quality live video capability
  • Huge datarate increases, using MIMO uplink and downlinks, combined with adaptive modulation
  • Flexible uplink/downlink rates using automation driven link prioritization
  • Support for multiple assets in the same sector contributing at the same time
  • Bonded cellular and satellite to complement sector coverage
  • Apps to easily set up microwave links


Control to make the hard work easier

  • Manages the radio network to provide dependable links
  • Prioritizes video and data bandwidth based on studio systems feedback
  • Dedicated screens for monitoring and control for the gallery
  • Intuitive drill-down map based user interface, showing deployed assets and infrastructure, with graphical control and monitoring of the whole system
  • Additional security for remote connections built on top of studio network security


Customer Operations tailored to your ENG needs

  • Flexible implementation delivers a system to suit your existing and evolving workflow
  • Planned installation and commissioning to minimize disruption and cost
  • Dedicated services team who can access the system, diagnose and fix configuration issues and walk through problems
  • Proactive issue resolution and preventative maintenance
  • Tailored learning solutions for creative staff, news operations and engineers

Download details of the tailored customer services that we offer for the Vislink newsnet ENG network solution



IMT-Vislink Newsnet Solution Wins 2017 Technology Award from Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE)

On July 28th 2017, John Payne, president of IMT USA, and IMT-Vislink were recognized by the SBE for spearheading the launch of newsnet with their Technology Award – read more on the website of our parent company, xG Technology.