IBC is one of the two leading and largest trade shows in the Broadcasting calendar. It provides an excellent forum and stage for companies and people to get together look at future trends, learn about new technologies, lead customers into purchasing and upgrading to the latest products and solutions and drives vendors towards finalising next generation product developments.

For IMT Vislink, this year we had many new leading announcements and an impressive new look stand to showcase our products and solutions. It provided the perfect platform to demonstrate the benefits of the combined IMT and Vislink portfolio.

With so many products in the IMT Vislink range we had to select the industry leading solutions that highlight our excellent forward thinking design and ingenuity. The stand out product of the show was the   excellent HCAM and UltraReceiver solution. Customers and the competition alike were blown-away by our ability to achieve single-frame end-to-end latency for 4k UHD camera transmission. We are the only vendor that can offer this capability. What is more important is that our customers could see a live demonstration of the low latency benefit. Customers can now use a 4k wireless camera just like any other camera and cut between shots without any fear of latency or seeing the same video shot twice. Users can be innovative with their content production with the added assurance that it does HDR too. That really made the pictures stand out and gave a much greater realism.

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