Billed as the largest classical entertainment event in German-speaking Europe, the Semper Opera Ball is famous for its debutantes and high-caliber music performances.  The ball plays host to 2,500 guests in the Semper Opera House in Dresden with another 15,000 in front of the famous building, along with millions on TV screens across the world.

First held in 1925, this historical ball was revived in 2006 on the occasion of Dresden’s 800th anniversary, and has been held every year since.  The five-hour-long spectacular opening gala is broadcast live on TV across Germany and Europe, and features an award ceremony where the event picks a select group to receive the St. George Medal, honoring them for their contributions to society.

With 100 debutantes dancing a unison, the award ceremony and a finishing concert from André Rieu, the coverage is non-stop and HDwireless GmbH relied on their Vislink equipment to ensure they would capture every moment of the glamourous evening.  Deploying L1700 and Incam-G wireless cameras and operating over a long distance link, the Vislink equipment provided the optimum solution and an easy a night as could be expected ensued for the four technicians on site!