The Bloodhound Project had its first test on the runway at Cornwall Airport Newquay on 26th October, reaching over 200mph in just 9 seconds! The Bloodhound is a supersonic land vehicle, combining the jet engine from the Eurofighter with a rocket in an attempt to take the land speed record to over 1000mph.

The engineers were provided with valuable data from this initial run, giving them the confidence that the car can reach the speeds it was designed for. The record attempts will take place in South Africa in a couple of years’ time, as it is one of the few places that are flat enough and have the space needed to allow the car to get up to the required speed and slow down safely.

The test was broadcast live on the internet, with Hayfisher productions providing the coverage with Vislink equipment. The commercial airport runway in the far south west of England was only available for two hours, so laying cables was out of the question, and the whole coverage needed to be achieved wirelessly. As such, Hayfisher turned to their Vislink equipment, knowing it would provide the quality and reliability needed at this high profile event.

Two CFU4 onboard transmitters, as currently used in the World Rally Championship, were deployed in the supersonic vehicle, and Vislink’s wireless camera back transmitter, the Clip-On 4, was used on to capture footage at either end of the runway and in the paddock area. All the pictures were received via an MDR system, and the test proved to be successful for all involved.