Broadcast Seamlessly with Vislink

Olympics: Capture Every Moment


Paris 2024 Summer Olympics: Capture Every Moment

Broadcast Seamlessly with Vislink

The Vislink Olympics 2024 Package is created to make your  broadcasting of the 2024 Olympics in Paris and major events at IBC run as smoothly as possible. This unique package is designed to help show all the exciting moments from the Olympics vividly and reliably. To make this happen, Vislink will be offering local support in Paris with a dedicated team of engineers, ensuring that broadcast teams have all the help they need right where they are. 

  • MVP Rental and data packages 
  • On-Site Support: Ensuring real-time assistance at IBC and sports venues in the Paris area
  • Dedicated Remote Support: For continuous guidance and troubleshooting
  • Spare Units Availability: Keeping the broadcast uninterrupted with backup equipment
  • Basic repairs


MVP Rental Program

Vislink is offering complete rental packages of their latest MVP bonded cellular encoder units, optional customized data plan, and on-site support from our team of engineers.

5G Enabled Backpack Units

Our Vislink MVP encoders are designed for low-delay, wireless H.265 live video transmission, and live online streaming directly to any CDN or broadcast center. We offered these as part of our rental packages, ensuring broadcasters could capture every moment in real-time and high-definition.

Flexible Data Plan

We offer a cost-flexible dataplan at an attractive price point upon request.

On-Site Support

Our on-site support ensures real-time assistance at IBC and sports venues in Paris area.  Our engineers are accreditated for all Olympic venues and IBC.

Dedicated Remote Support

For continuous guidance and troubleshooting.

Spare Units Availability and Basic Repairs Service

Keeping the broadcast uninterrupted with backup equipment.