Privacy Policy

YouTube API Services integration

As part of our service, we connect with YouTube API Services. This enables us to post live video directly in your account. In doing so, we collect a limited set of data to make this integration work properly.

What is collected?

  • Your YouTube email address
  • Your YouTube username
  • Your YouTube OpenID

Why is this collected?

  • We collect your email address to be able to communicate with you when there are issues in any of the YouTube events created through Linkmatrix
  • We collect your YouTube username to be able to display it in Linkmatrix using a friendly name
  • We use your OpenID to authorize to the YouTube API service, this allows us to post new livestreams in your account

How is this information used?

We only use the collected data to make livestreaming to YouTube work from within Linkmatrix. This allows us to create live events and delete them after use.

We will not:

  • use your data for marketing purposes
  • use your data for advertising purposes
  • sell or share your data to third parties

How is this information stored?

We store this information within Linkmatrix, you can easily remove it by removing your YouTube account from Linkmatrix.

Please note that the following YouTube privacy policy applies for all YouTube content:

If you are not prepared to share your data with Mobileviewpoint Linkmatrix you can simply disconnect your YouTube account within Linkmatrix at any time, or you are able to revoke this access via your Google account here