IQ vPilot

AI-Driven Automated Studio

Virtual Cameraman and Director

vPilot is an automated studio system utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a studio set-up that does not require camera people or an onsite director but designed to create visually compelling content. Ideal for lower cost studio productions, vPilot can be utilized for a range of production requirements including studio round table discussions, news delivery, speaking events and corporate communications. vPilot uses the power of AI to direct the cameras and to automatically direct the shots based on who is talking and their importance within the discussion. Solution functionality mimics a real director, leaving the presenters to do what they do best — host a professional broadcast.


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Creates professional, multicamera productions easily and affordably without the need for a camera operator or director team

Productions can include graphics, dynamic ticker tape, overlays and video insertions which can be simply inserted by the talent via the easy-to-use vPanel. The director set-up is part of the management platform where it is possible to configure preferences based on the directors needs.

Ideal for:

  • Budget and emergency News Studios
  • Radio Stations looking to web-stream
  • Professional Live Webinars and Live podcasts
  • Corporates providing professional TV communications
  • Live Events on stage streaming to social media/screens
  • House of Worship
  • Low cost broadcast productions such as podcasts
Solutions components consist of:
Virtual Camerman
The software that runs on an automated studio control box and controls PTZ cameras based on input from the Virtual Director system and 3D sensors
Virtual Director
AI algorithms and a basic setup for auto direction based on several inputs, including audio, auto cue and a manual web-based control panel

What does vPilot include: 

vPilot is server based system that is installed locally wih it own intuitive GUI. It includes 3D sensors and brackets. It is possible to use an external party VISCA HD-SDI compliant PTZ cameras and P based microphone systems, or these can be supplied as a complete end-to-end system  including cables and IP based switching based on specific needs.

Enhanced additional features

User Interface

The vPilot GUI is an easy-to-use management system that operates under a browser. It allows the initial configuration and calibration of the system.


Is an easy to use control box that can be used in conjunction with the vPilot system to add overlays, video, camera override with AI, internal external camera and guests and presentations.



Vislink vPilot Uses AI to Produce Virtual Radio Broadcasts for Belgian Broadcaster VRT

Product Features
  • Creates compelling productions without need of an director
  • Camera selection driven by AI and audio combination
  • Configure, operate and troubleshoot remotely on site and remotely
  • Config GUI for Director preferences
  • External cameras and guests can join
  • Static Graphical Logo and Dynamic Tickertape overlay
  • Automated face recognition and auto name overlay
  • vPanel option allowing talent to easily direct if required
  • Supports up to 8 cameras


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