Grass Valley HEVC 4K UHD 5G Wireless Camera Transmitter

The Vislink INCAM GV 5G is a fully integrated HEVC 4K UHD, HDR-ready wireless video transmitter and receiver, designed for use with Grass Valley’s LDX 100 Series live production cameras. The INCAM GV 5G leverages the capabilities of private 5G cells in studios and stadiums, as well as public sliced 5G networks. It complements the latest design enhancements incorporated into the Grass Valley LDX 100 Series cameras for heightened usability and ergonomic operation.

The INCAM GV 5G delivers broadcast-quality encoding at multiple resolutions including 4K UHD, 1080p, 1080i and 720p. It facilitates the bonding of multiple IP connections in real time, enabling a blend of cabled and wireless applications at various venues. This enables seamless transition between wired and wireless operations during live broadcasts, enhancing reliability with hot failover capabilities.

Broadcast organizations can leverage the INCAM GV 5G’s HEVC video coding technology to transmit high-quality images efficiently, even over minimal 5G bandwidth or constrained IP connections like Starlink and traditional wired networks.

With support for dual 5G cellular connections, in addition to WiFi and wired internet options, the INCAM GV 5G provides market-leading bonding connectivity and enables roaming between public and private 5G networks.

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Key applications for the INCAM GV 5G include:

  • Event Coverage
  • Newsgathering
  • Sports Coverage
  • Studio Cameras
Product Features
  • HEVC/4K UHD Very Low Latency Encoder
  • HDR Ready
  • 10-bit 4:2:2
  • FocalPoint compatible internal IP-based Camera Control
  • Remote control over Wi-Fi via web interface
  • 2 x 5G modems supporting Private 5G
  • Data bonding supporting transparent IP connection
  • Return vision
  • Intercom functionality
  • Data channels for third-party devices such as DMX lighting systems or robotic head controls to facilitating remote production setups

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