Grass Valley HEVC 4K UHD Wireless Camera Transmitter

Integrated wireless camera transmitter for the Grass Valley LDX 86N 4k-RF 4K UHD camera

The INCAM-HG offers full broadcast quality encoding at 4K UHD, 1080p, 1080i and 720p with camera control. The unit utilizes user-changeable RF modules for rapid, in-field, swap outs.

Product Features
  • HEVC/4K UHD Very Low Latency Encoder
  • HDR Ready
  • Interchangeable RF Modules
  • FocalPoint Compatible integrated Camera Control
  • Remote control over Wi-Fi via web interface
  • External Audio Input
  • Viewfinder output
  • Optional built-in return video receiver with viewfinder switching
  • Optional wireless microphone input (WisyCom)


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