Military, Law Enforcement, and Public Safety

Reliable Connectivity to Capture and Distribute Live Video and Data

Vislink’s secure, high-quality, real-time video data delivers actionable intelligence to military, law enforcement and government sectors in the most hostile and challenging environments, ensuring operational flexibility, maintaining tactical advantage, and allowing fast, effective decision-making. Vislink solutions for these sectors include:

  • integrated suites of downlink transmitters, receivers and antenna systems
  • data and video connectivity for airborne, marine and ground assets
  • flexible support for COFDM and Bonded Cellular/5G Networks
  • IP-based, high-end encryption, full-duplex, real-time connectivity at extended operating ranges
  • high-throughput air/marine/ground-to-anywhere uplink and downlink systems
  • secure live streaming platforms for use in mobile and fixed assets

Vislink video transmission solutions provide enhanced awareness across a range of applications, including defense, public safety, border security, counter terrorism, key point security at airports and high-profile events, and beyond-line-of-sight communications. Vislink technology has been field-proven to deliver the critical tactical insights needed to ensure mission success. 

The cornerstone of Vislink solutions for military, law enforcement and public safety use is the Airborne Video Downlink System (AVDS). AVDS is a comprehensive aerial-based video transmission solution designed to capture real-time, reliable high-definition video from drones, helicopters and other aircraft for display at command centers, mobile units and on video management systems. AVDS is an essential tool for improving situational awareness by giving those on the ground a clear and reliable picture of what is being captured from airborne units.

Airborne Downlink Systems

Vislink airborne downlink systems comprise an integrated suite of downlink transmitters, receivers, and antennas that capture real-time, seamless high-definition video from helicopters, drones and other aircraft.


Bonded Cellular Solutions

Vislink’s MVP bonded cellular and 5G solutions include mobile and fixed encoding devices that enable remote production and live streaming for news, sports, events, and surveillance applications.


AI Automated Solutions

Vislink’s MVP AI video production solutions include automated, cost-effective multicamera live studio and sports systems that deliver professional broadcast quality without the need for onsite camera teams.



Our Satcom systems provide immediate, reliable, and secure communications under challenging environments and conditions. They enable mobile and rapid deployment and deliver maximum performance from minimum OPEX.


Management and Control

Vislink management and control systems provide portal options for remote management, control, configuration, and monitoring of device operation and content streams.



We provide a comprehensive array of support, warranty, and service options to ensure our clients receive the utmost care from Vislink and optimum performance from its products and systems.



We offer a wide assortment of antennas, mounts, custom backpacks and other parts and accessories designed to complement your Vislink and MVP equipment perfectly.


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