MotoGP Fans Don’t Miss a Millisecond with Vislink’s Onboard Systems
November 27, 2019

The Challenge

At over 200 miles per hour, things can change in hundredths of a second. Track, wind, speed, engine and rider all become one as MotoGP bikes race alongside each other, and it takes a specialized system to broadcast the complete event live.

The 2015 racing season is shaping up to be an exciting one, with eighteen races taking place over four continents and thirteen countries, including two races in the US. In the world of high-speed racing, nothing is more important than delivering live, crystal clear video of the action to the fans.

The Solution

The specially designed MotoGP bikes incorporate the Vislink HDCU Transmitter, which transmits HD quality video streams from each of the four onboard cameras. In addition, the system gathers and transmits data that is translated into onscreen graphics of the bike’s speed, position and other metrics. The HDCU system combines very small HD cameras, with a powerful transmission system utilizing H.264 encoding and Vislink’s proprietary modulation scheme optimized specifically for robustness at high speed.

A very important factor for Dorna is that race teams have confidence in the equipment. To that end, the mounting components are designed to withstand FIM impact requirements. With weight minimization in mind, the latest ultra-lightweight connectors were employed. These onboard equipped vehicle systems are designed and tested to withstand very high levels of vibration and very low power consumption.

To round out the action, pit lane cameras are fitted with Vislink’s HD Clip-On transmitters and helicopters are equipped with Vislink wireless video links for aerial shots of the action. All systems transmit to the production studio via a Vislink MDR receive system.

The Result

Utilizing Vislink’s complete portfolio of mobile, portable and aerial camera views, combined with seamless and reliable data transmission, Dorna is able to provide the ultimate high-speed viewer experience.

“As the exclusive commercial and television rights holder for MotoGP, Dorna Sports is dedicated to providing fans with the most dynamic race experience possible. Vislink’s close relationship with Dorna’s R&D and Engineering team over the past few years has allowed us to collaborate and produce a customized solution that provides incredible HD imaging under very demanding constraints.”

Sergi Sendra Vives, Director of TV Production Department, Dorna Sports