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Live Audio Encoder

WMT Audio Report

Live audio from a backpack

With the WMT Audio Report, Vislink offers a professional IP based audio device for live radio reporting or as an ideal replacement for traditional ISDN setup.

With four balanced line and microphone inputs and four bonded LTE modems, the WMT AR is an ideal choice for low delay audio reports using bonded 3G/4G connections.

The WMT AR is a combination of a high-quality audio amplifier and proven WMT bonding technology.

At the receiving end, the WMT playout will return the audio channel into analogue balanced audio. This is the same playout used for all other WMT devices. The playout also provides a talk back channel (IFB) with individual volume control.

Product Features
  • Bonds 4 LTE(4G)/fallback 3G connections
  • Remote controllable
  • Mic Input
  • Uses existing Mobile Viewpoint infrastructure
  • Touchscreen with detailed network information

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