RTL Belgium automates Brussels radio studios with Sony PTZ cameras and Mobile Viewpoint vPilot
July 16, 2021
rtl belgium

Basingstoke, 15-07-2021 – HD RTL Belgium, as part of the RTL Group and the most popular French speaking broadcaster in Belgium,  is embarking on a new  ‘visual radio’ web based experience for their audiences with the help of Sony remote camera technology and vPilot from Mobile Viewpoint.

As part of an AI driven automated studio system, the broadcaster has purchased 27 Sony SRG-X120 pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras to capture high definition images of presenters and guests in its Brussels-based radio studios. 

RTL Belgium reaches a weekly audience of over 1.5 million listeners through its network of French-language radio stations that includes Bel RTL, Radio Contact and Mint. The discreet, compact Sony cameras installed in RTL’s studios are fully controlled by Artificial Intelligence. The AI-powered system acts as a ‘virtual director’, tracking presenters and studio guests to control the cameras’ movements in real time without the need of camera personnel or director to create a professional multi-camera production.

Watch a 90 second vPilot overview here

Sony Press Release