IBC 2023 Recap: A Showcase for Vislink’s Groundbreaking AI, 5G, and Hybrid COFDM/IP Contribution Solutions
September 27, 2023

Europe’s largest broadcasting event roared back to pre-pandemic levels in 2023, with visitor numbers growing an impressive 16% to 43,065 — and Vislink was right at the heart of it. By all accounts, this year’s IBC was our most successful ever.

The Vislink Booth: A Hub of Innovation

There was a constant buzz on our stand, with a consistent influx of visitors, and numerous in-depth interactions between attendees and the Vislink team. Visitors were given an exclusive opportunity to experience our revolutionary AI-driven and bonded cellular/5G technologies, as well as our Cloud Distribution, miniaturization and hybrid COFDM/IP Contribution solutions, up close and personal.

The Cliq: The Eye-Catcher on the Show Floor

The Vislink Cliq Ultracompact Transmitter took center stage at IBC — literally — as it was showcased on a motorbike, demonstrating its incredible versatility and compact design. The Cliq’s ability to provide real-time, high-quality video feeds from motor racing action wowed the audience, making it an instant hit at IBC 2023. With its ultra-compact and highly adaptable form factor, the Cliq sets a new standard for capturing and transmitting high frame rates in live sports productions.


Celebrating Excellence: LiveLink Wins TVBEurope Best of Show Award

In a moment of pride and recognition for us, our just-launched WMT LiveLink Bonded Cellular Transmitter won the prestigious TVBEurope Best of Show Award at IBC 2023. This award underscores the excellence and innovation that Vislink consistently delivers. LiveLink, our smallest and most technologically advanced transmitter, is a testament to Vislink’s commitment to bringing to market reliable and cutting-edge broadcasting solutions designed to meet customer needs. 


AI-Powered Broadcasting Solutions

Vislink AI Image vPilot and SportsProducer March 2022bWith the use of AI technology growing at a rate of over 17% per year, Vislink’s commitment to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for broadcasting was evident. At IBC 2023, we showcased AI-driven solutions for sports production (IQ Sports Producer) and studio-based operations (IQ vPilot) that promise to revolutionize the industry. From automated camera operations to content analysis, AI is set to make broadcasting more efficient and engaging than ever before.


The 5G Revolution

5G technology is reshaping the broadcasting landscape, and Vislink is at the forefront of this transformation. We showcased our 5G-enabled solutions, highlighting the incredible speeds and reliability that 5G brings to live broadcasting. With 5G, broadcasters can transmit high-quality content in real-time from virtually anywhere. Among our featured solutions was the 5G-Link Transmitter, itself a previous award-winner (at NAB 2023), which allows high quality, low latency video to be transmitted over private 5G networks. The Vislink 5G-Link provides the ability for a camera operator to roam freely at a televised event utilizing a secure, IP- native, uncontended wireless network.


Cloud Remote Production Solutions

Remote production is becoming increasingly essential in the broadcasting industry. Vislink’s Cloud Remote Production Solutions simplify the process, allowing broadcasters to produce content from remote locations efficiently. These solutions provide the flexibility and scalability required for modern broadcasting. Central to our offerings is the TerraLink series of portable, rackmount and compact encoders, which give production teams the ability to collaborate remotely and deliver high-quality content to audiences worldwide.

Final Thoughts and Looking Forward

Vislink’s presence at IBC 2023 was a testament to our dedication to advancing the broadcasting industry. From AI-driven solutions to 5G technology and Cloud Remote Production, Vislink is shaping the future of broadcasting. The recognition received by our LiveLink Bonded Cellular Transmitter with the TVBEurope Best of Show Award further solidifies our position as an industry leader. With innovative products like LiveLink and Cliq in our lineup, we are committed to being a driving force behind the evolution of broadcasting technology and look forward to creating more unforgettable moments for viewers worldwide.

Connect with Us!

We hope everyone who attended IBC enjoyed the event. If you had the opportunity to stop by our booth, we appreciate you taking the time to visit us. To our existing clients, it was a blast to get together with you; to the new business connections we made, we look forward to working together in the near future on crafting effective solutions to meet your live content production and distribution needs.

If you would like to request a product demonstration, schedule a meeting or discuss your requirements, please reach out to your Vislink account manager or connect with us at the following link: