Vislink MVP 5G-Link

Wireless Camera 5G Transmitter

Transmission of wireless camera video and data over 5G networks provides the ability to simplify the integration with remote or cloud production systems and advance the continuing migration of broadcast connectivity to all IP infrastructure.

When used with the Vislink HCAM, the Vislink 5G-Link transmitter allows high quality, low latency video to be transmitted over private 5G networks. The Vislink 5G-Link provides the ability for a camera operator to roam freely at a televised event utilizing a secure, IP- native, uncontended wireless network.

Latest 5G-Link News:

The Vislink 5G-Link can additionally provide a camera control and management data path over a private 5G or public 4G/5G network. The 5G-Link’s data connectivity allows Vislink’s HCAM and broadcast camera to be configured and controlled through Vislink’s LinkMatrix management platform from any IP-connected location globally. By providing IP-native connectivity to the camera edge, Vislink’s 5G-Link enables production teams to centralize their operations and produce live content with greater control, more creativity and more efficiency.

The Vislink 5G-Link is compatible with Vislink’s 5G 4Live Private 5G cellular network solution.

Key applications for the Vislink MVP 5G-Link include:

  • Events Coverage
  • Sports Coverage
  • PoV Cameras

Additional Information:
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Product Features
  • Camera control and IFB over private 5G or public 4G/5G networks
  • Compatible with Vislink HCAM, providing HCAM remote control
  • HEVC 4K and HD video Encoding
  • Channel bonding across multiple cellular networks and COFDM link
  • IFB voice communication
  • Compatible with Vislink 5G 4Live private 5G network

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