Cliq OFDM Mini Camera Transmitter

Compact and robust OFDM mini camera transmitter

For major live events, nothing engages viewers more than being brought to the heart of the action with mobile point-of-view camera systems images. To deliver these immersive views to TV audiences, the Vislink Cliq mini wireless camera encoder provides high quality images with unrivalled transmission robustness. Cliq is ideal for use with live event broadcast applications including pov and bodyworn cameras, drones and onboard vehicles.

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With its small form factor design and high-quality encoding, the Vislink Cliq has the ability to transmit a single 4k HDR video feed or two HD video services. By utilizing HEVC video coding technology, broadcast organizations can deliver high quality images over less RF bandwidth or over longer ranges than was possible with older MPEG-4 systems. This enables creative freedom to deliver richer, more engaging video productions through move camera feeds over robust RF transmission links.

In addition to support for Tier 1 live events including delivering shots from body-worn cameras, the wireless transmitters can also support a wide variety of applications including onboard vehicles, PoV cameras and drones.

Product Features
  • 1x 4k video input or 2x HD video inputs
  • HDR capable
  • Efficient HEVC video encoding
  • High quality 4:2:2, 10-bit encoding profile
  • 4x stereo pair audio streams
  • Robust LMS-T, DVB-T and ISDB-T modulations
  • UHF camera control and data channel

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