Deliver Professional Live Video News Reports from Remote Offices and Locations
January 26, 2023

News directors and journalists are constantly challenged to increase the productivity, performance and quality of video productions transmitted from remote offices and locations back to the studio or newsroom. This is a trend that accelerated during the height of the COVID pandemic. At the time, connecting using available videoconferencing tools represented a quick and easy way to improvise.

But since then, the limitations of these tools have become apparent. Often, they have been revealed to be not quite “ready for prime time.” It has become increasingly clear to those responsible for live content that a new solution was needed — one that could provide the higher picture and audio quality and stable connectivity guarantees needed to deliver a professional newscast to their audiences.

In addition, there is a recognition that remote guests, presenters and journalists need to be able to be up and running in a few minutes without having to deal with complicated equipment setups when the pressure is on. That means the solution must be self-manageable in the field by non-technical users.

After extensive conversations with both broadcast engineers and professional news reporters and journalists, Vislink found there is agreement on the top features they wanted to see in alternative solutions to traditional web conferencing tools. These include:

  • Be able to be up and running within minutes to go live on air
  • Support both indoor and outdoor live reporting
  • Be highly portable
  • Provide broadcast quality video
  • Enable a synced 2-way interview in low delay
  • Be self or remotely manageable
  • Provide reliable connectivity
  • Provide high ease of use

With the TrolleyLive Pro Remote Studio System, Vislink has successfully addressed these challenges head-on. This self-contained, self and remotely manageable portable studio-in-a-box solution for remote news contribution ticks a lot of boxes in the remote live broadcast field.

In addition to being ideal for news reporting, TrolleyLive is an attractive solution for sports events, professional vloggers, producers and remote commentators. The system contains everything required to complete a live indoor or outdoor video production, without demanding any technical experience on the part of the user.

By integrating a broadcast quality PTZ camera, controllable studio lighting and running at full HD resolutions and frame rates, the TrolleyLive Pro provides a significant step-up from computer-based video conferencing solutions.

With an easy-to-use interface, ultra-low-latency, remotely-controlled bi-directional video return features, and support for bonding multiple connections for augmented bandwidth, TrolleyLive is a formidable approach for turning remote live broadcasts into high-quality productions. Now, for the first time, everyone can produce a professional stream in minutes—and that allows them to focus on things that really matter, like the compelling content they are sharing with the world.

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