Vislink Connect Bonded Cellular: All Premium Features, No Surprises
October 25, 2021
Vislink connect

Our recently-announced Vislink Connect™ bonded cellular service is already creating a buzz. We’ve put together a comprehensive offering that packs a lot of impressive features, including reliable, premium-quality video capabilities, robust, field-proven bonded cellular encoders from Mobile Viewpoint, single-box solution configurations and all-IP based workflows for REMI production. Equally significant is what we left out: annoying surprises in the form of data overages.

Instead, through one single monthly payment and no up-front hardware costs, Vislink Connect customers have access to a premium bonded mobile transmitter and a cellular data package that is right for their needs. We’re also offering attractive financing and data plan options that fit different budget requirements.

And when it comes to sneaky data cost surprises, well, there aren’t any. We’ve built in active data overage protection that includes giving customers access to real-time usage monitoring via a dedicated management portal. Users can set data usage alerts at or before their monthly data limit has been reached. If a user reaches their monthly data limit, they can choose to have their data usage paused or to be moved up to the next tier. This active account management allows the user to operate without fear of cost overrun surprises.

More features and less “gotcha” costs. Sounds like a winning solution. Here’s Mickey Miller, Vislink CEO, commenting on Vislink Connect keeping out unpleasant surprises:

To find out more about Vislink Connect bonded cellular and what it can do for your organization, get in touch with your Vislink account representative, Vislink reseller, or contact us directly at this link, and bring your live content to life!