MVP LinkSwitch Server

1U Decoder for IP Streams Outputs: Up to 20x IP streams

IP Decoder for receiving location for up to 20 IP Streams

LinkSwitch is a stand-alone WMT debonding server for video workflows that are IP based.  Where organizations do not require SDI video workflows, Linkswitch provides up to 20x live IP video streams from the WMT encoders and can also be used with the IQ-Sports Production (IQ-SP) platform.

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The LinkSwitch can act as a debonding server for MVP bonding solutions but also as a full-featured transcoder enabling format changes between H.265 and H.264, resizing and repacketization to for example RTMP, Mpeg TS and RTSP. The combination of transcoding and RTMP enable forwarding of any stream to all the well-known social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube. Social media platforms all have their specific requirements in terms of quality, e.g resolution, bitrate and framerate. . This means that, by default, video sources including live video from MVP bonding units using H.265 do not always match these requirements completely.

The LinkSwitch will fix incompliances automatically including (optional) deinterlacing for an optimal experience in a web-based player. It is possible to transcode 20 streams at the same time enabling live previews of all MVP units online. The LinkSwitch is a future proof design because of its scalable architecture.

The LinkSwitch is a 1U server and is available with various configurations and storage capabilities. The standard model will enable by default the forwarding to social media without transcoding features.

Product Features
  • 1U IP server supports up to 20 live streams
  • IP outputs – NDI, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS
  • Hosted in local data center or cloud
  • Compact 1U rack mounted
  • Additional Transcoding Option

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