SRT Encode/Decode Solution

End-to-end, low latency contribution solution

As consumer video content platforms diversify and as viewers seek out new and additional content, broadcast production teams are seeking new solutions to affordably deliver content over available internet connectivity.

The Vislink SRT Solution provides a reliable, low latency contribution solution that enables the use of low-cost connectivity across the unmanaged internet.

With centralized control and monitoring, network management and link scheduling can be efficiently managed from the broadcast center.

LinkMatrix Integration
The LinkMatrix device and link manager allows users to make connections from any device to any other device across the globe.
The LinkMatrix platform is accessible as a cloud-based application which provides easy access for centralized or globally
dispersed network operations teams.

Product Features
  • HD video Encoding up to 1080p50/59.94
  • Low Latency, Secure transmission using the SRT Protocol
  • Reliable contribution over the unmanaged internet
  • HEVC Compression efficiency
  • High quality AAC audio encoding
  • Integration with Link Matrix control, management and scheduling system

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