Vislink 5G 4Live Event Production Solution

Award-winning end-to-end REMI solution for premium-quality, uncontended 5G experience

Vislink 5G 4Live functions as a combined 5G network solution that integrates roaming camera 5G transmitters with a hybrid portable/private 5G network infrastructure. This provides production teams with a complete 5G private network deployment that is tailored to deliver high up-link bandwidth, low latency and uncontended connectivity at the edge.

Winner of the IABM BaM Award 2022 in the Connect category, 5G 4Live was engineered for use at major events where live production organizations have traditionally deployed COFDM systems. It enables live production with full support for wireless cameras — providing complete freedom to roam and capture engagement-building footage — and the deployment of an onsite bi-directional all-IP 5G gateway at the event.

Read our Application Note “Revolutionizing Tier 2 Sporting Events: Unleashing the Power of 5G for Remote Production”

Both Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint 5G wireless camera systems can simultaneously operate over the same 5G network to enable complete creativity for event production teams.

With the private 5G network smoothly bridging the gap between the camera and the production center, the Vislink 5G 4Live end-to-end system enables a step-change in remote production architectures. Content from both roaming and fixed cameras can be transported directly to the production center – whether an on-premise facility or as part of a migration to true cloud production architectures.

Product Features

The Vislink 5G 4Live ecosystem includes:

  • The Vislink HCAM Module 5: a 5G edge device that allows users of Vislink HCAM OFDM systems to migrate to 5G technology for deployments where 5G can enable new creativity and operational flexibility — while allowing a transition of service offerings at the pace that is right for them. It also maintains their ability to provide highest quality video, lowest latency and guaranteed RF robustness.
  • The LinkMatrix system and device management control application: enables full management from remote locations using simple drag-and-drop operations, enabling greater working efficiencies for technical staff.
  • Mobile Viewpoint UltraLink-Air 5G encoders: allow complete roaming camera flexibility to achieve real-time content capture while moving between globally available public cellular networks and private 5G networks, for low latency and guaranteed uncontended connectivity — even in high population density events.

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